Titan Drill Bit Kit for Spotle


Part #EQ-5027

Spotel Drill Bit Kit


EQ-5038 Center Punch – EQ-5037 Wax Stick – EQ-5053 (2) 10mm Drill Bits – EQ-5036 (2) 8mm Drill Bits – EQ-5030 Boron Bit – EQ-50263 10mm Chuck – EQ-50261 Adjustment Bolt

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Spotle Spot Weld Removal Drill


Part #EQ-5026

Spot-weld removal drill, with an adjustable clamping bracket and drill depth. The adjustable clamping bracket allows for maximum coverage throughout the structure of the vehicle reaching E.G. spot-welds at the base plate of the vehicle. In addition the adjustable drill depth allows for complete removal of spot-weld without damaging the base metal of the vehicle while protecting the longevity of the drill bit.

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